Please, follow the article named “Why Information Matters” and start to read with me.

Following are the words from first three paragraph.

Mere: Apart from anything else: Without any modification. (Generally when the word mere is used to express any cause, then the meaning is the only cause that results these effects) – (কেবল মাত্র, নিছক,)

This is not a mere impression.

Sluggish: Slow and apathetic, Working slow (ধীর গতি সম্পন্ন)

I couldn’t get the train because of the sluggish movement of our old vehicle though the road was clear. Continue reading “RC-(1)”


Strike day in Dhaka 😴

Whenever you are outside of your home and pictured that there is no public transportation in Bangladesh, the very first feeling is “WOW, Dhaka is is a calm & quite city, if the city remains like this forever”. Meanwhile you already start to feel that you have no vehicle of your own but you have to reach your workplace within time by hook and by crook. Some scattered rickshaws are available but they are very few comparing to the passengers. Moreover they will charge very high. End of the day, your feeling is

“Return me the busy Dhaka again!”