High Frequency 333 Words to Practice

Most painful job for a non native English speaker is to memorize high frequency words (HFW) for GRE examination. Tactics to learn 333 GRE HFW is vary from people to people. There are many instructions, like mnemonic dictionary, article reading, wall writing, blog post but no other option I find the easiest way to memorize words in a traditional way.It is, at first you have to select, say 30 words, read it very carefully with example sentences and make a meaning in your mind in your own language, the take a nap or do some quantitative problems, after several minutes, return to those listed words and try to write the meaning from your memory. Write whatever you think but you must write for each and every word. Now check the actual meanings, identify the mistakes with different color pen and re-write the right answer. But never erase the mistakes because when you will revise with the page, you will remember the possible ways of mistakes.

In this contrary, a WORD file have been prepared (Click Here to Download & Practice) containing only the words in tabular form but no meanings. I kept the file in .docx format so that you can rearrange, add or subtract words furthermore.

If you want to Download a PDF format please click here.


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